The Best Choice

10+ reasons to choose me as your teacher.
1. Respect and safety.

You will be respected and safety is something you deserve and I insist on.

2. Best bang for your buck with three convenient locations.

Like Costco and Starbucks I asked people what they wanted and then built it for them. I am blessed to offer you guitar lessons at the Mansfield Activity Center because you get quality guitar lessons there form me at the lowest price in town. It’s just smart to be sure the passion is there BEFORE investing in private lessons.

3. The next step, Private lessons.

My home studio (Blue Sky Studio) is the best looking lowest costing and most schedule flexible guitar studio in town. I have no overhead so you pay less. Parents must stay for all lessons as this is what I would expect for my children. Safety is paramount.

4. In keeping with what you need. I partnered with The Arts Institute of Mansfield ( AIM ). Now you have access to the very best piano organ voice and violin teachers in the area. One stop shopping folks. I feel extremely blessed to work with these professionals.

5. I want you to have the right starter guitar. Call me, This way, I can ask specific questions and direct you to the right store contact or web site resource.

6. I work closely with you on your guitar goals. I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire that explores your ambition. It is fun and exciting to think about growing and sharing your talent.

7. Fun.
I want you to look forward to your lessons and to feel energized when you leave.

8. Education. I’ve played guitar for over 40 years.
I was Self-taught- but I needed direction for song writing and theory so I went to
TCC for 2 years and received a vocal scholarship. I was encouraged to sing play tour and produce a CD with the help of my professors. I also have 3 years piano and trumpet.– Orchestra guitarist 6 years – Berklee College of Music classes and various
lessons with guitar teachers to learn specific techniques.

9. 15 years of full time guitar teaching
Hey, that a lot of experience. Plus I love it.

10. Patience IT takes time to learn new things.
I will help you break it down and encourage you. I am told that I am very patient.

11. Inspiration.
To practice, I will help connect you to the songs you love and to inspire is my ambition.

12. Confidence. It can be challenging to play in front of people. That’s a great reason to do it.
It takes a guitarist with the heart of a teacher to bring out your best talent.

13. Practice. Accountability is the best reason to take lessons. I will help you to fall in love with practice.

My teaching philosophy. Every teacher should have one.
Being forced to read music won’t make you passionate about playing the guitar. There must be a balance between theory and actually playing. My plan works like this. Learn the chords and basic progressions. Learn note values and rhythm. Then tap into the students passion/songs they love and build around that. I believe in reading music and theory but the passion comes first.

I have been teaching in Mansfield longer than anyone else. My model has been copied but I still innovate to have the best prices locations and work ethic. Just listen to my students play in worship and rock bands around town. If I don’t specialize in what you want to play I will tell you.
Time is life, choose your mentors carefully and ask a lot of questions. Good luck and God bless you and yours. Call me 817-944-8276